The Absolute #1 Guide To How To Be Debt Free For Life Why We Don`t Know This

Attention all people in debt in the USA!

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Find out why only about five percent of the population know about how to be debt free for life and use it all the time.

Any person in debt can know how to be debt free for life by following instructions outlined here, because they will be using the government guaranteed legislated mandate set up in 1933.

“It is well enough that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system. For if they did,I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” – Henry Ford, 1922

Debt creation short road to serfdom

Before the takeover by the Federal Reserve, our money was backed by Gold. After the takeover, we have “money from thin air” or fiat currency– backed by our birth certificates, by ourselves, viewed as “commodities”.


How To Be Debt Free For Life

I know that at first you will think this is an untrue story – I know I did when I first came across it while searching for how to be debt free for life. I thought this is too good to be true but once I understood exactly what it is that I found, I realized that not only is it true, it is real and it is a power vested in all of us, by the United States Government, in perpetuity.

As iron is eaten away by rust so are the lies being brought into light – Anon

Today you will learn:

  • The only real way to dissolve your debt

  • What “money” actually is

  • Why this ‘open secret’ has been hidden in plain sight

  • How to be debt free for life



The further and further you read into this article, the more you will realize that the Dissolve Your Debt Manual gets results.

Now, right at the get-go I`m going to tell you that you can uncover this ‘open secret’ yourself to how to be debt free for life because it`s not hidden in such a way that nobody can find it.

But once you have uncovered it you will find it is written in “legalese” and I don`t know about you, but that would sure slow me down. The law ‘community’ sure love couching words, phrases and sentences in a long dead language; this is deliberate of course, part of the ‘hiding in plain sight’.

And then you will need to go through a period of ‘trial and error’, sending in bills and hoping you got it right. You must also know what to write, where to write it and where to send it.

The easy way to how to be debt free for life of course is to invest in the Dissolve Your Debt Manual and follow the simple steps – all the leg-work and hard work has been done.

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How To Be Debt Free For Life

A government guaranteed, written into USA law method of how to be debt free for life, in the form of a concise, clear, easy to follow and use system.

Are people actually using this method to destroy their debt? Yes of course.

You will find many testimonials once you click through to the Dissolve Your Debt Manual site.

Or, if you do not wish to use this method, you can scroll down to the end of the article where I listed all the more known and common ways people use to get out of debt, using their hard earned cash to do so.

What Types Of Debt Can Be Settled With The Dissolve Your Debt Manual?

  • Property tax debt

  • IRS tax debt settlement

  • Car loan debt

  • Income tax bill debt

  • Utility bill debt

  • Phone bill debt

  • Medical bill debt

  • Court order debt

  • Child support debt

  • A ticket [debt]

  • Student Loan Debt

  • And many many more

With great power comes great responsibility -Voltaire

How To Pay All My Bills In One Place

You probably know that millions of people suddenly found themselves in a debt crisis because of the so-called “Great Reset” that used lockdowns etc to keep us away from our jobs, crashed our economy and many of us actually lost our jobs because so many companies were forced to shut down, never to re-open again.

As you read each word in this article it will become clear to you that we have been played like a big old bass drum and while we were all cooped up the wealth was transferred from us the “little guy” to the billionaires on the planet, leaving us with just the scraps to survive on, as well as trying to find money to pay our debts. Many of us actually lost our jobs and are battling to survive.

I guess you are pretty angry about all this right? All the plans you had for a great life all down the toilet and you with a pile of bills worrying about how to settle them.

If you are anything like me you would have scoured the Internet for ways, ideas and tips on how to clear the debts in your life. Visited a bunch of sites, watched a bunch of videos on Youtube, and all of them would have had basically the same advice; all of them telling you to make a plan to pay off the debt.

And some of these plans are pretty long-term aren`t they? Especially if you have some real big debts in the tens of thousand of dollar range. I`m sure the feeling of being ground down for a few years, paying interest on interest is pretty soul destroying, all the while penny pinching just to make ends meet.

Worry is interest paid before it falls due” – W.R. Inge

Imagine what it would be like if you could wave a wand, and all these troublesome debts can just vanish.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there is a way to dissolve all your debt easily, and not only that, it will not cost you a penny of your hard-earned cash?

What if there is in fact a way? Would you make use of it? Of course you would! Who wouldn`t want to clear their debts with the minimum of fuss?

Yes, I know it is starting to sound like a “too good to be true” ‘snake oil’ scenario, right?

But stay with me here. I am about to reveal to you the best kept ‘open secret’ hidden in plain sight for decades that you have not heard of until today.

Know this: knowledge is power.

But! Knowing how to use this knowledge is unstoppable power – anon

To know how to be debt free for life one must first understand money, finance and the other little pitfalls that make our financial journey a horror story.

Stop and imagine for one moment how your life would be if you knew that you will be debt free for life, that if you do get into debt again, that you can easily get out of, just by using the knowledge that you gained here today.

How to Get Out Of Debt Fast

What is financial debt?

  • A credit card in its purest form is a debt

  • The cash “money” we use daily is a debt

  • A check you write for whatever purpose is a debt

  • The online transaction we do is a debt

  • Every money order you purchase with cash is a promissory note – a form of debt

  • credit cards in their purest form are debt

These are all “Promissory Notes” – a ‘promise to settle a debt’

If you`re in a hurry to clear your debts, and don`t want to be bothered with reading the article, you can click this link and get access to the Dissolve Your Debt Manual right now, which contains all the information you need to be debt free for life LINK: TO BE ADVISED – BOOKMARK THIS PAGE! WILL BE UPDATED SHORTLY!

Or read on…it is a shocking story that 95% of us do not know; yes, only about 5% of the people know about and use this “open secret” to clear their debts.



shysters at work



1933 was the year the government confiscated all the gold from public domain and the people and in when they did that they took away the money we had to pay for anything.

With the removal of the real money, they took away [stole] our ability to actually pay for goods, services and most importantly, debt.

By taking away the gold they literally took away our ability to settle our debts.

  • Our Right to own Gold taken from us

  • Our ability to pay for goods and services taken from us

  • Our ability to pay for, or settle debts taken from us

Historically however whenever the government has taken away something from the people it has always had to give them something back of equal or greater value in return.

So in this case they took away the gold, the actual money and gave us back in return the ability to have all our debts, public or private, paid for dollar for dollar by the government.

Why would they do that? They had to; because without that power endowed to United States citizens, commercial equity would remain unbalanced and that economically speaking just can`t happen.

Old REAL Money

Besides even though it doesn`t quite seem like it anymore the government is in place to serve the people that created it, [by the people, for the people] so providing this kind of debt destroying administrative power to us was doing nothing more than fulfilling its truest purpose and function.

However most people just don`t know that the government has specifically mandated, guaranteed in writing that it will pay all our debts dollar for dollar.

As we say it has been cleverly hidden in plain sight for decades.

  • whenever the government has taken away something from the people it has always had to give them something back of equal or greater value

  • without that power endowed to United States citizens, commercial equity would remain unbalanced

  • the government is in place to serve the people that created it

  • the government has specifically mandated, guaranteed in writing that it will pay all our debts dollar for dollar

Most folks are consumed with sport, television shows and celebrity gossip so understanding things like this are far removed from peoples` vision and its not all their fault.

In addition we are bombarded with ‘crisis’ after ‘crisis’ [all manufactured of course] to keep us off balance, preventing us from looking at the world with a clear set of eyes, stopping us from seeing the real picture and this is preventing us from seeing how easy it is to actually be debt free for life.

The individuals that are at the highest level of government, banking and corporations have not kept our best interests in mind [that is the understatement of the century] so they`ve done a lot to keep good deserving folks like you from getting educated on what your real power really is and they`ve done that in the best interests of their own bottom line, power and profits.

  • Kept us in the dark with “cake and games”

  • Keep our minds busy with crises, political games, race problems etc

  • This is done for their own power and profit

See, people don`t understand that every dollar you have in your pocket purse or bank account has itself been a debt since 1933.

Our money is not backed by a gold standard like it used to be where you could go and exchange your paper money for real precious metal.

Our “money”, quote unquote is backed by nothing more than the faith, spirit and energy of the people who live and work here. Our birth certificates are used as their collateral to create money out of thin air, with a few strokes on a computer keyboard – “fiat” money.

Our money is basically monopoly money and every single dollar bill of it is a debt, a promissory note or promise to “pay” quote unquote at some point in the future.

That`s what all debt is, but the problem is everything we think we have to pay for things with today is a debt as well.

So every dollar you have is a promissory note and cash actually says “note” right on it;

which means that every check that you write which is linked to the cash in your bank account is a promissory note;

every swipe of your debit card which is linked to the cash in your bank account is a promissory note;

every money order you purchase with cash is a promissory note

and credit cards in their purest form are debt.

This is so important to understand that you need to read it again.

  • every dollar you have is a promissory note

  • every check that you write which is linked to the cash in your bank account is a promissory note

  • every swipe of your debit card which is linked to the cash in your bank account is a promissory note

  • every money order you purchase with cash is a promissory note

  • credit cards in their purest form are debt

We are surrounded by debt and that`s a huge problem. Not only is personal debt at an all time high but the national debt is in the trillions and trillions of dollars.

Our entire financial and economic structure is based on a debt system and the gigantic challenge with this kind of a system is that its destined to fail because it has to.

The national debt is over 25 trillion dollars and there isn`t enough printed physical money in existence to ever pay it off.

Do you see the issue, the problem here?

Boiling it all down to your debt situation which is a microcosm of the national debt, you can never earn enough “money” quote unquote to ever pay your way out of debt.

And that`s not what the system is designed to do on a national level, and on a personal level getting out of debt using the only ways most people know of to pay for anything like money or federal reserve notes is an unsolvable mathematical problem.


  • We are surrounded by debt

  • Our entire, total financial and economic structure is based on a debt system

  • The national debt is in the trillions and trillions of dollars

  • There isn`t enough printed physical money in existence to ever pay off our national debt

The only way to actually get out of debt is by using the process described in the Dissolve Your Debt Manual based on the guaranteed written government mandate I mentioned earlier.

Why is that? Well because every single time that someone goes and tries to pay for something with “money” it increases their personal debt, AND the national debt.

As an example when someone tries to pay their one thousand dollar mortgage bill with one thousand dollars the national debt increases by two thousand dollars.

You simply cannot use a debt to try to pay another debt yet that`s exactly the only option most of us know that they have available to them. The end result is more personal debt and a vastly inflated national debt.

This is exactly why its gotten so huge because most everybody out in the country are paying for their necessities their bills etc with instruments of debt.

As a matter of fact the government actually made it illegal to try to pay for a debt with another debt so the whole thing is just a big mess and it all stems from our system of commerce being debt based.

The government could and should create all its own interest free money of which they could control the supply.

However our government borrows money into existence via the Federal Reserve Bank which is not a government entity but a private group of banks which creates money out of thin air at interest based on collateralizing and monetizing our signatures, our birth certificates.

The government borrows this money at interest. But how can you pay interest let alone the principal on a loan that`s been created out of thin air?

The answer is that you can`t. But our system is foolishly built at its core on that debt which is itself created at the same time the “money” quote unquote comes into existence.

Luckily out of sheer necessity the abilities provided to us in 1933 have re-emerged with clarity and purpose and more and more people are starting to wake up and understand that something is wrong things are broken and measures must be taken to sort things out.

Without realizing, understanding and then utilizing the process taught in the Dissolve Your Debt Manual the country as a whole and people individually are going to slide down a very steep slippery slope of debt.

A debt that can never be corrected and will be condemning ourselves and our great great great grandchildren to a life of financial indebtedness, servitude and serfdom.

And naturally and understandably in times like these a very common question people who invest in the Dissolve Your Debt Manual ask is whether or not all of this is guaranteed, if its for real.

This is a very understandable question and what you`re about to learn is so different than what you`ve been taught all your life this all seems to be too good to be true, but its real.

Like finding out that being able to do this type of thing has been around for years, finding out its actually guaranteed by the government comes as a big shock to most.

As its been said the entire Dissolve Your Debt Manual is based on a legal historical and factual basis and as such we`re able to look to the specific mandates made by the government to support everything it is that we do per the instructions in this manual.

You see back in 1933 congress didn`t just decide to pay everyone’s debt dollar for dollar, they put it in writing making it part of public policy in house Joint Resolution 192 written on June 5th 1933.

This piece of legislation lends undeniable credence power and supportive enforcement to what it is we`re actually able to do with our debt.

As a result of the mandates of HJ 192 becoming public policy thanks to congressional decree it subsequently became part of permanent public law within the actual United States Statutes at large where it is identified as Chap 48, 48 stat 112.

Power Back To The People

Chap 48, 48 stat 112 contains the same wording as HJR 192. The difference however is one is public policy the other is public law.

This is an important distinction to make and here`s why: the resolution that is HJR 192 can be modified at any time by congress if they choose to.

However public laws do not provide for that type of flexibility and cannot and will not be modified on a whim whether speaking in past tense, present tense or future tense.

This means that the ability to do what the Dissolve Your Debt Manual teaches you to do is an evergreen administrative power granted to you!

The process you are about to learn in the Dissolve Your Debt Manual represents the federal governments obligation to you.

Congress was required to provide you with the remedy for their monetary removal in 1933 and they did, and its been around and available to you ever since.

Please always remember that these written doctrines whether part of public policy or public law state that the government will pay your debts dollar for dollar because you in all truth do not have sufficient access to the actual funds to do it yourself.

You’re at the point of decision.

You can either continue down the path of least resistance, the path you have already been traveling, or you can choose the road less traveled. The path of least resistance will probably result in you getting the same outcomes you’ve always received.

But if you want something different to happen, if you want to change the direction of your financial well-being you’re going to have to do something different. Make a new choice, and pursue your new outcome –

If you are really interested in finally getting totally out of debt then now is the time to make a decision and again it shouldn`t be a hard one.

Ordering the Dissolve Your Debt Manual will be the cheapest thing you have ever done to get out of debt.


How To Be Debt Free For Life

Ever wondered why money and finance is not taught in our schools? THIS is why!

How Americans and the World Lost their Right to Real Money

To fully understand WHY every financial transaction we do is a DEBT we need to go back in time to see the travesty caused by the richest people on the planet of that time, the ‘Banksters’.

Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce.” (Paul Warburg, drafter of the Federal Reserve Act)

Remember this date every time you make use of the Dissolve Your Debt Manual


That is the year that gold and silver was removed from the hands of the people. It was even made unlawful to own any personal gold or silver.

Up until that date we could make any transaction using actual gold [or silver]. The ‘notes’ we used [dollar notes] had inscribed on them the actual value, and if we handed them in to a bank, the bank was obliged to give us the equivalent back in gold.

The coins we used had a similar function, although in silver.

However, in 1933 a group of financially powerful Banksters together with the crooked politicians made it illegal to own gold or silver. They literally stole our gold, and our future! Their plan was to create a “central” bank so they could control all the money, all the financial transactions in the country, and eventually the whole world.

They established the Federal Reserve Bank-a collection of privately owned banks, owned by extremely rich and crooked sociopaths.

Please understand this: The Federal Reserve Bank is NOT “Federal”; it is NOT government owned. It is a PRIVATE bank.

Here are the 8 who planned the takeover of money and finance, first in the United States, then over time the rest of the world.

fiat debt creation monsters

So what happened there was that these people removed our financial power, our ability to ‘trade’ with real money.

However when the government takes away something from the people they have to give back something of equal or greater value [as we have already discussed].

This story actually goes back a few more years – to the sinking of the Titanic. There are many theories as to why the Titanic sank or didn`t sink, depending on which theory you prefer. What is important to us is that there were three of the richest people in the world at that time on board who were approached to join with the creation of the ‘Federal Reserve Bank’ – Benjamin Guggenheim, Isador Strauss and John Jacob Astor and these three gentlemen were vehemently against the idea.

where debt began

Therefore they had to be removed. By whatever means necessary, so that they could go ahead and establish their private bank.

All three perished during the sinking of the Titanic, and they could then go ahead unencumbered to establish their private consortium of banks under the name of “The Federal Reserve”.

Debt Comes To Us In Many Ways

It can creep up gradually until one day we realize we have a serious problem or it can happen to us suddenly when a massive worldwide event occurs just like what we are living through right now and we end up locked in our homes and we lose our jobs because of this.

The hounds are at your heels and they`re baying for your blood – at least that is how it feels when the bills start mounting up and you have no money to pay because it`s a jungle out there.

“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

I am going to show you the only real way to dissolve all your debt and be debt free for life.

Imagine what your life can be like if you did not have to worry about debt. Write down how your life is going to be once you have cleared all your debt.

Adopt a leaner lifestyle – stop buying “things” that you do not need.

Prioritize your life and realize that living on credit by using credit cards is going to pull you back down the slippery slope.

When you`re in a panic you will go and search for a way to get rid of your debt. You will search the internet. You will go on Youtube and watch a ton of videos by people who have a certain amount of knowledge on the subject of debt and how to get rid of it.

They will give you all kinds of advice and tips and all this advice is good advice based on their knowledge of money and how they perceive it to work.

But guess what? they are all wrong!

Why is that?

They are wrong because they are unaware, like you were, of what money is and how the financial world really works, and how to be debt free for life.

I have a shorter list guaranteed to make your life worth living again.

How To Live A Debt Free Life

Communicate with the creditors

Make a list of all your debts

Invest in the Dissolve Your Debt manual

Read and understand it [Knowledge]

Put the steps in the book into practice – use the manual to get rid of your debt. [Using the knowledge – Unstoppable Power!]

Create a budget

Make your life a bit leaner.

Lets explore this list.

Communicate with the creditors

A very important step. They need to know that you are serious about clearing your debt. This will prevent them from sending debt collectors to your door and that removes a possible stressful situation. Tell them you have a plan and it will take some time to put into place.

Make a list of all your debts

this will allow you to put them in order of urgency as well as show you the level of debt you have.

Invest in the Dissolve Your Debt manual

Believe it or not, this is the most important step you will ever take in your life to debt free for life.

Read and understand it [Knowledge]

This is new knowledge. This manual will unlock secrets that have been hidden in plain sight for decades.

Put the steps in the Dissolve Your Debt Manual into practice [Using the knowledge – unstoppable power]

The manual has been written in such a way as to be easy to understand with a step by step guide so that anyone can use it with no problems.

Create a budget

How can you control your expenses if you do not have a budget? You need to know exactly how much money you have left over, how much “spare” money you have. Make a list of things you need to pay every month, the essentials like rent [or bond repayments], utilities, car repayments, and of course your food budget.

Make your life a bit leaner

By this I mean –

Stop buying junk you don`t need. Those “shiny objects” that you think may impress your friends. Just stop it. If you need to impress your friends, get rid of them because they are not your friends.

Stop buying those ridiculous lattes and coffees at inflated prices. Buy a flask and make your own.

Boom. Right there you are saving at least eight dollars a day, so at least $160 in one month and you will be healthier. Those idiotic drinks contain a bunch of chemicals that your body does not need.

If you dine out a lot, cut it down to the bare minimum. You spend thousands of dollars a year on eating out. Home cooked is way cheaper and much healthier. Brown bagging it does not show you in a bad light and anyway, anybody that looks down their nose at you for this is nothing but a fool and does not deserve to know you.

For some people the savings you make from stopping buying those junk ‘coffees’ is a small amount but for some of us it is a lot of money.

If you have a shiny new car, get rid of it! A good second hand car does the same work and is a lot cheaper.

Go from room to room and list all the things you can do without. Unnecessary things you bought on a whim. Then sell these things, by having a yard sale or on Ebay or Craigslist or even in ads in your local newspapers. Just get rid of the clutter.

And that is all there is to it!

A list of advice culled from various websites and videos that you may use in place of The Dissolve Your Debt Manual

1. Bump up your debt repayment percentage

2. Use savings to pay down larger debts

3. Negotiate for a lower interest rate

4. Use your tax refund check to pay down debt

5. Sell items for cash

6. Consider cashing in your life insurance

7. Make more money

8. Do a credit card balance transfer

9. Use a statute of limitations law to eliminate old debt

10. File bankruptcy to discharge your credit card debts

11. Add Up All of Your Debts

12. Try to Negotiate With Creditors

13. Look Into Refinancing Debt at a Lower Rate

14. Add Debt Payoff as a Line in Your Budget

15. Set a Debt Payoff Goal

16. Use the Avalanche Method to Start Paying Down Your Debt

17. Find More Money to Pay Off Debt Faster

18. Face Your Debts Head On

19. Go Above and Beyond Your Minimum Payment

20. Budget More and Spend Less

21. Sell Off What You Don’t Need

22. Resist Temptation

23. Switching your energy supplier

24. Reviewing your landline, mobile and broadband packages
25. Downgrading your satellite TV

This list is basically self-explanatory, but I want to talk about why some of them are bad ideas [in my opinion].

Number [2]Use savings to pay down larger debts. I do not see the benefit of “throwing good money after bad” – not when there is available a better method endorsed by the government.

Number [6] Consider cashing in your life insurance. A bad idea – your life insurance was bought with the intention of protecting you and your loved ones. Removing those protections is foolish.

Number [10]File bankruptcy to discharge your credit card debts. This is a radical, last ditch attempt to clear debt and knocks you back many years. This is an avenue I may have explored before I uncovered the Dissolve Your Debt Manual. It is an extreme solution and can put you back many years/

And finally, Number [9]Use a statute of limitations law to eliminate old debt. This in my opinion is a good idea.

“P.S. The time is now. Those bills aren`t going away and you either go the “normal” route explained to you by all the other guys, or you buy the BEST little investment of your life.Your chance to make all your dreams come true has arrived. Will you go for it? Will you take action?” CLICK HERE TO DO IT NOW – TO BE ADVISED – BOOKMARK THIS PAGE! WILL BE UPDATED SHORTLY!

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