OHSAS Training in South Africa

OHSAS Training in South Africa

OHSAS Training in South AfricaThere are a number of ways that you can achieve OHSAS Training in South Africa. One method is to scour the bookshops for titles, another is to surf the Internet for similar. Then the rather huge task of self training looms before you, followed by being tested by an outside firm.

A far better and sure way to achieve accreditation is to be trained by someone who is an expert in the field of occupational health and safety.


Our trainers are supremely qualified and furthermore excel in aiding individuals, companies and organizations to achieve their objectives and enjoy being the best at OHSAS training in South Africa.


Achieving success with OHSAS 18001


The benefits to you and your organization of being compliant in occupational health and safety are far reaching; peace of mind for the whole work force as well as management and shareholders.

Also, any visitors to your establishment would have a sense of comfort, knowing that health and safety is a concern.

Occupational health and safety has become much more important in today`s world work place most likely due to factors such as intense competition, rising costs and deadlines that ensure maximum profits therefore it is understandable that with this level of intensity present the percentage of risk of injury would experience a sharp rise.


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Our fully qualified consultants and trainers are also able to aid in compliance for all the ISO standards, so if you require more than OHSAS we would be happy to aid you in achieving compliancy in ISO 9001 as well as ISO 14001, and more.

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