Get Back Love – 4 Secret Ingredients Uncovered!

4 Simple Steps to take that will Open up Communications and Pave Your Way to a Better Relationship and Get Back Love

It is a sad and miserable time when you have had a breakup and all your focus is on how to get back love but if there are still feelings on both sides then these secret ingredients will break down most of the barriers and allow you to forge a winning plan in your quest to get back love.

Once you see these ingredients you will probably mentally kick yourself as they are in the realm of common sense but do not beat yourself up because when you are feeling miserable it is extremely difficult – if not downright impossible to have a clear and level headed view of your situation.

Get Back Love Secret Ingredient # 1: You are Both Different Beings

Realize that you and your ex partner are two totally different beings. Here is how you understand this point: you both have values instilled in you from your parents and while some of them would be the same, many will be different.

This is only natural because of the differences in your parents and the ways that you were both brought up. It is these differences of values that can sometimes cause the biggest arguments and the sad thing is that neither of you realize what the triggers are!

Get back Love Secret Ingredient # 2: Arguing from Different Points of Reference is Self Defeating

Armed with this information you can now see that you are both arguing from different points of reference and this is why one sometimes reaches a point of apoplexy and the anger meter goes into the red, because your ex cannot see your point of view and vice versa!

So now you should be able to approach a difference of opinion or an argument with a calmer mindset and never allow it to degenerate into a stand up fight.

Get back Love Secret Ingredient # 3: Gentle Questions are better than Accusations

Instead of making accusations a better approach is to ask questions. However there is a right way and a wrong way to do this.

If you make the question sound like an accusation or the ground work for a tirade at your ex then you will have lost the chance for proper understanding between you and you will have wrecked the opportunity to get back love.

Obviously you must allow your ex to also ask questions and he or she should be given the gift of truth; lying at this point just defeats the whole exercise and if you are serious about your plan to get back love you need to stick to the truth, no matter how painful it gets.

Get Back Love Secret Ingredient # 4: There are Five Different States of Consciousness

Although these five states of consciousness are interlinked in every person, very few actually work from all five in a harmonious way.

The five states are: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intuitional and Spiritual and most of us have developed more along the lines of only one of them so for example if you are a Physical person working out would be your thing and your approach to life would be of a more practical nature.

If you are an Emotional person your approach would be through your feelings. So here is another set of situations that need to be fathomed in the great realm of communications!

Can you see why it is so easy to “go off at the deep end” when arguing with someone? Both people are right in their stance but the other person cannot see this; instead it appears that the other party is disrespecting them, so the fireworks start.

This is when the argument escalates and eventually neither of you want to talk anymore, then the big silences happen and your mind is seething with thoughts like “I don`t know what we`re doing together – he/she doesn`t understand me”.

This is the time when you start to drift apart and pretty soon you`re on the rocky road to a breakup; does any of this sound familiar to you?

By understanding a bit more about the mechanics of communication you will have a massive advantage to be able to get back love.

You now have some really powerful information to help you to better communicate your feelings to your lost love but this alone will not get you there; you need a blueprint that you can work off.

One way is to use a therapist which may work for some and can be expensive plus they usually take forever to get you to the point where you are validated enough to be in a position to get love back;

There is an easier way that has already been successfully used by more than 50,000 people in 70 countries and some of them have been able to get love back in less than a week!

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