Freelance Writer for Hire

Writing Your Copy Like it`s Mine!

Minimum Hourly Rate $25 [or $0.12c per Word]

Freelance Writer for HireInternet Marketer, Content Creator, Animal Protector [and a slave to the guitar!]

I discovered a long time ago that there are two basic ways to write: “caveman style” – using simple English to overcome the 6 second attention span of most people,

And of course the more traditional method where a fear of bigger words would not chase away an audience.

You can safely hire me because my output is four things: inspired, concise, on time and created to your specifications.

I look forward to working with you,


So why would you choose to hire me to write your Ad Copy, Articles, SEO Copywriting, Service Reviews, Product Content or Editing as opposed to the many other writers out there?

Please note!!!, if the niche you are in does not appear in my passions list, I still suggest you contact me, as I do proper research on any subject before I attempt to write about it – [please see my portfolio; there are some articles there that are not in my “passion” range].

Firstly, I have an excellent grasp of the English language.

  • I can write in “American” [check, color, aluminum] or “the King`s English” [cheque, colour, aluminium]

Secondly, here`s what I am passionate about [in no particular order]:

Guitar playing




Green Technology

A Healthy Planet

Our World heritage – Saving our wild animals from extinction.

Therefore I am pretty well qualified to write about my passions, as I spend at least an hour every day playing my guitar; about one hour most days on SEO of my sites and videos [off page as well as on page].

I am constantly researching Health and the health of our planet, and am aligned with many organizations that are fighting the injustices against animals, and Mother Earth.

And as for dogs, well I own one [or he owns me – depending on your point of view], and currently live with three.

And –

Thirdly, my rates are fair and equitable.

So if you are reading this, I assume you need a writing job done – here`s a link to my contact page – [get in touch]

I look forward to doing business with you!

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