Cannabis Oil in the Bay Ignorance or Malfeasance or Both?

 When Will the Persecution End?

This little rant is caused by an article I saw in the local newspaper, the Weekend Post of Saturday 30 December 2017. [As reported by Nomazima Nkosi].

paid for troll or genuinely ignorant

Blind Ignorance?

Imagine my surprise when I read the article and discovered that the police, rather than actually being out there fighting crime, ‘busted’ a cannabis oil producer – for a so-called ‘drug’!!

Yes, it appears they are the protection force of the pharmaceutical oligarchy; and not there to serve and protect us apparently…

Legal is NOT always what is right.

What this ‘bust’ actually resulted in was persecution of a plant and persecution of a guy trying to help people in pain, and then robbing these people of the opportunity to ease their pain.

A most despicable situation; may I suggest that the authorities release this poor individual and reverse this blatant theft and return to him the stock that he so painstakingly created.

And what is particularly worrisome is what was said about it by “a spokesman” for the Igazi Foundation Cole Cameron; “medical information around marijuana was sketchy and he could not confirm whether it truly helped or not.” [A BIG fib!]

More by him: “It can perhaps alleviate pain, but it certainly doesn`t cure anything.” [An even BIGGER fib!!]


What is CBD


I am in agreement with him if he is speaking about clinical trials carried out by the Pharmaceutical Giants, because the results of any trials carried out by them will either be buried or so skewed as to show that cannabis and its oil is super dangerous.

Why would they go to lengths to pull the wool over our eyes and in fact, blatantly lie about this plant?

Obvious! They are NOT in the business of curing a sickness that is worth upwards of four Billion dollars per year, and cannabis threatens their profits; cancer is not a disease, it is a business.


cannabis prime medicine use 1850 to 1937


Now, in the 21st Century, most of us walk around with a computer in a pocket, so with just a tiny bit of digging, one will find that there have in fact been thousands of independent actual clinical trials carried out, and ALL of them show that in fact, yes, cannabis oil DOES help with pain for hundreds of ailments.

I spent about an hour online and here are just a few of the sites I visited: [feel free to click the live links and see for yourself]


There Are Now 100 Scientific Studies That Prove Cannabis Cures Cancer [source]

Here are a few links from this site: [there are one hundred you can visit]

Cannabis kills tumor cells



Here is another site with Clinical Trials.

Clinical Studies and Case Reports [source]

They cover pain management – here are just a few of the links on this site:

Nausea and Vomiting – Cancer Chemotherapy

Pain – Chronic, Cancer

Spasticity – Multiple Sclerosis


the human body is designed to utilize Cannabis compounds


This plant, ladies and gentlemen, had been used by Mankind for more than 10,000 years, for many, many reasons, the least of it being as part of our daily food intake.

Mind blowing when you consider that the seeds contain more omega 3, 6 and 9 than fish or in fact any other source out there.


Cannabis: Outlawed by a Psychotic Crazy Person

harry j anslingerIt was helped to be outlawed in 1937 by a particularly awful person by the name of Harry J, Anslinger, originally a railway cop…the War on what he called cannabis – “devil weed” by this most unsavoury character leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Some of what he said I repeat here, for those of you who had no idea who this cretin was – most certainly a racist of huge stature.

“Reefer makes darkies think they`re as good as white men.”

“This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes.”

For any “politically correct” snowflake out there these utterings should be stirring you to march against the inept and toothless government and demand immediate change.

It has been eighty years now that mankind has been robbed of a natural plant that is nothing but beneficial.


The war on cannabis had a darker side; there were forces at work that needed Hemp to be outlawed – the cotton industry, the oil industry, the wood industry and of course our ‘friends’ the pharmaceutical industry, and once cannabis was classed as a dangerous ‘drug’ this was achieved.

In point of fact, Hemp can heal the South African economy, and cannabis oil will help those who are unable to afford the ludicrous costs of pharmaceutical medicine.

It is time that we removed this ridiculous set of laws and reclaimed our beautiful plant; cannabis is a healer and Hemp has thousands of uses and can be our savior.


Cannabis oil helps with many ailments


It is also time that we hold accountable those that insist on maintaining this draconian law; those that continue to feather the nests of crooked politicians; those who have robbed mankind of one of the most beneficial plants ever to be placed on Earth by our Creator and those who profit through our pain.

In the 21st Century with the tools available to us, and the knowledge just a few clicks away there is no one that can tell you that cannabis is ‘bad’ for you; that cannabis has no healing properties; that cannabis should not be back on the menu; that cannabis must not have these totally outdated shackles removed – in other words, ignorance is no excuse!

Simply put, anybody that insists on taking a negative stance toward cannabis does not have your wellbeing in mind.


The Insanity Continues

Now I draw your attention to the travesty that the pharmaceutical giants, with the help of the American DEA [Drug Enforcement Agency] is perpetuating as they maintain a stranglehold on the illegality of the natural plant cannabis while pushing their synthetic concoction [which is legal!]

Synthetic Marijuana Approved By DEA for Medicine While The Real Thing Remains Illegal [source]

[Click on ‘source’ to read the article]

[I also urge you to be aware that there are many sites out there funded by the pharmaceutical giants, whose sole purpose is to sow disinformation.]

Of course, no article covering cannabis and its value would be complete without a reference to Rick Simpson who cured his own cancer, then went on to help more than 5,000 people with his cannabis oil.


Cannabis THC Cures Cancer, Not CBD – Rick Simpson Oil Interview


A Scientific Explanation Why Cannabis Cures


Amazing: Hemp oil cured man’s stage 4 pancreatic cancer


Use due diligence. Do your own research. AQE – Always Question Everything. The TRUTH is out there.

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