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So how much about me should I include on this page to give an inkling about my ability to get the job done and write the stuff that will be [more than] acceptable to you guys seeking a good writer?


Okay, here goes!

In the “real” world I spent many years as a salesman and a marketer for a slew of different companies, selling all sorts of products such as insurance [both Life and short term], wall and roof coating, ad space in magazines and more.

I also sold adspace for a few online companies.

I became interested in Internet Marketing in 2010 [back in the days of good old HTML] This of course was a MASSIVE learning curve; I had to learn to create websites, AND learn how to market on the `net.

I had a few successful sites that had pages ranked in the top three of Google search; this all came crashing down when Google started introducing their algorithm updates – mine were just a few of the hundreds of thousands of sites to suffer!

I have built sites for clients, which in many cases required me to also create the text that appears on their pages; for these pages to be properly optimized I had to do tons of research on products that I knew nothing about.

Suffice to say, these sites are ranking well, and I have some happy clientele!

I would not class myself as an “SEO Guru”, but I am really good at ‘on-page’ optimizing, so any articles that I write can easily be optimized to the client`s satisfaction.

I also have a big interest in Video Marketing, specifically in Youtube, for both the local and international arenas.

It is way easier to rank a video on Google as well as Youtube for a local client than to compete with the “big guns” out there in the international market, but I have managed to rank a few anyway!

I also played music as a ‘one man band’ for many years, both pro and semi pro in a ton of pubs, doing cover versions of the best of the 60`s, 70`s and 80`s – this prompted me to set up a guitar learning site, marketing online guitar lessons.

So in closing I can say that I am an all rounder; I get the job done; I like a challenge and am satisfied only when what I have tackled feels “right”.

[Too much? Not Enough? Let me know!]




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