10 Myths about Premature Ejaculation

10 Myths about Premature Ejaculation

The following 10 myths about premature ejaculation are thoughts and worries that can plague you and drive you crazy, but the truths about this sometimes embarrassing affliction will set you free.

Myths are often just lies and misconceptions but when your mind is being controlled by your fears it is very easy to be overcome by these untruths and end up swimming in despair.

Read on and free yourself from stuff that is keeping you from being able to cure premature ejaculation.

Myth no. 1: Once you have premature ejaculation, it`s forever

Truth: In 98% of cases it is nothing more than a temporary setback and you can in fact cure premature ejaculation quite easily

Myth no. 2: You are the only guy premature ejaculation has ever happened to

Truth: Premature ejaculation affects an astounding number of men: 20-40% of men worldwide will have a pre ejaculation problem at some time of their lives

Myth no. 3: No woman will ever again touch you

Truth: Absolute rubbish! Women are generally more in tune with nature and you will find a sympathetic shoulder to lean on

Myth no. 4: Your life will be filled with endless misery

Truth: As long as you continue to feel sorry for yourself and do nothing about trying to fix premature ejaculation your misery will continue, but once you take action you will find your mood getting better

Myth no. 5: There is no cure for premature ejaculation: you are doomed to swallow pills for the rest of your life

Truth: Pills can and should possibly be used as a short term band aid fix, but by using a tested and tried natural method you will soon be rid of your premature ejaculation problem forever

Myth no. 6: Your friends will know you as The Flash

Truth: In most circles there tends to be a clown but they will joke with you only to show that they are in empathy with you, (and glad that premature ejaculation has not affected them!)

Myth no. 7: When people look at you they can see that you are the 30 second guy

Truth: Premature ejaculation is not like a huge wart on your nose: the feeling of people knowing about your premature ejaculation is a self inflicted pain – stop this immediately!

Myth no. 8: Everybody you know will shun you forever

Truth: You will find your circle of friends drawing around you and giving you much needed support; in fact because of your premature ejaculation you will be able to weed out those that are not your friends and this is a good thing.

Myth no. 9: Women think less of you and avoid you at all cost

Truth: The ones that do avoid you are those that you are well rid of! Do not let them worry you because there are plenty of warm understanding women out there

Myth no. 10: A medical operation will fix your premature ejaculation

Truth: Unless you were in a bad accident or your premature ejaculation problem is a defect from birth you should avoid any invasive surgery whatsoever!

By changing your eating habits, getting a fitness plan and committing to a natural proven system you will be able to fix it within a very short space of time; many guys have cured their premature ejaculation in as little as two weeks


So there you have it – although premature ejaculation can feel like a life sentence it is at best just a temporary setback and if you put your mind to it you will soon be better than new.

There are many cases where the man has ended up being a far better lover and is able to last as long as an hour or more after using a proved easy safe and completely natural guide to cure premature ejaculation.

In addition, as mentioned the use of an easy proved natural blueprint will get you back in the saddle in a very short time but it will also enhance your self esteem, a factor that will not go unnoticed by your lovers or partners.

An extremely successful system that has already cured premature ejaculation for many thousands of men is The Ejaculation by Command Program.

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