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I have revamped this little website; it is going to become a micro “Amazon”, or “Tescos”, or somesuch ‘bazaar-type’ site – WITH A DIFFERENCE.

The difference is that the products I will be reviewing and  promoting are those that I love, and feel have the most value and are useful in life.

As opposed to a ‘niche site’ that caters for one specific solution, or sets of solutions in that specific niche we have decided to offer a more broad spectrum of products.

Some of the links to the products will be affiliate links, and should you purchase through our links I will of course receive a few dollars as payment.

A Collection of REAL Solutions for Some Real Problems

Although it may seem strange, and my collection of solutions may appear to have no connection to each other they can in fact be intrinsic to mental and physical well-being.

For example – how will a solution for the best web host for a small business benefit one`s health?

Simple! It removes the stress of having to find one!

As I find useful products, they will be added, so it may be a good idea to bookmark this site, and visit occasionally – you may just find what you need!


A most incredible find!

How to crush your crushing debt! This is for Americans [and probably Canadians too.]

You can read all about it here – free from debt


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